Upcoming GRACE 5k Walk:
July 5, 2015

To help Prevent and Reverse Childhood Obesity please make your tax-deductible donation today or to PLEDGE a later donation complete the form below and press submit without paying.  You can also mail your donations to Health Institute at our True Health TV Station address 1000 Laval Blvd. Lawrenceville, GA 30043 :

Please complete the GRACE DONATION FORM  Thank you.

IN RETURN FOR COMPLETING THE FORM WE WILL SEND YOU A SPECIAL GIFT TO SAVE MONEY ON MOST ALL OF YOUR PURCHASES.  This will allow you to get CASH REBATES and will also support our Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs. We will broadcast on our Atlanta TV Stations:  WYGA 16.3 and WSKC 22.3 and worldwide on www.TrueHealth.TV

Georgia Int’l Convention Center at the FATE of Obesity Conference  http://fateofobesity.org/

FREE to Register via email: grace@hicpare.org or call 404-644-7690.

When you REGISTER and participate in the Walk by collecting just the Names of  5 Sponsors for your walk you will receive: GRACE T-shirt, Race entry and Entry for prize giveaways

maraton3We can prevent and reverse obesity with your help via:

• Walk -a-thon events throughout the year 
• Annual 5K Walk the last Sunday in June 
• Healthy Cooking Classes and Exercise Classes 
• Fate of Obesity Conference www.fateofobesity.com 
• Schools Move-a-thon Event throughout the year 

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